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Ordinariate Priest Delivers Powerful Homily at Requiem Mass for Own Son

**On Saturday, August 1, in Upperco, Maryland, 21-year-old Isaac Scharbach was struck and killed by a vehicle while cycling on a country road. Isaac is the second of nine children and the oldest son of Fr. Albert Scharbach and Abby Scharbach, who entered the Catholic Church with their family in 2009 at the Baltimore Basilica. Fr. Scharbach, a former Anglican priest, was ordained a Catholic priest for the Ordinariate in 2013, and he is currently the pastor of Mount Calvary Catholic Church in downtown Baltimore.

Fr. Scharbach presided and preached at the Requiem Mass for his son on the feast of the Transfiguration, August 6, 2020. Isaac is remembered for being exceptional in many ways, and perhaps most of all for his virtue and the depth of his interior life — which Fr. Scharbach speaks to in a homily that has moved many hearts.

More on this very tragic and sobering event here.

**Introduction to this posting was excerpted from Aleteia story.

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