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Holy Communion at an Ordinariate Parish

From an article entitled Why Do Regular Catholics Join Ordinariate Parishes? we have a description of one of the distinctives of the Ordinariate liturgy: receiving Holy Communion on the tongue, while kneeling. Different people join Ordinariate parishes for different reasons, but this is a deal breaker for many tradition-minded Catholics.

"Fifth, communion is always served on the tongue while kneeling. This is standard practice for all Ordinariate parishes while celebrating the Divine Worship Mass (DWM). This is yet another feature that the DWM has in common with the TLM. Like the ad orientem posture, this tradition comes to us from the English Patrimony. But it is consistent with how Catholic worship has always been done in the Eastern Catholic rites, as well as the Western Church up until 1970. Kneeling for communion, and receiving on the tongue, punctuates two things: (1) the real presence of Jesus Christ is transubstantiated into the Eucharistic elements so we must kneel before him, and (2) Holy, Mother Church feeds us our Lord like little children, because our Lord said that is what we must become like to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 18:3-6)."

I’m sure you’ll benefit from reading the whole article, especially if you are only just now getting acquainted with an Ordinariate parish.

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