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Father James Tilley of Church of the Good Shepherd Oshawa Participated in Life Chain 2017

Here's a flashback to the Life Chain event in 2017. Father James Tilley is parish priest at the Church of the Good Shepherd located in Oshawa, ON. Here's a picture of him at the Life Chain event in Oshawa at King St. East and Harmony Rd. which took place October 1, 2017. His presence at the event was a great encouragement to all others who were in attendance. I believe he was the only priest in attendance at that particular intersection that day.

Incidentally, it is becoming more rare to hear a genuine pro-life prayer voiced at a Catholic Mass these days, especially so when offered by the priest. Generally speaking it is more common to hear such a prayer at a Traditional Latin Mass but Father Tilley includes a prayer at practically EVERY Ordinariate Mass for an end to abortion in our nation. He also prays each time for expectant mothers everywhere, that God will move each one to cherish the life within.

Abortion is a plague upon our nation. We must do all we can to bring an end to this evil.

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