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Cardinal Burke Once Again Restates Church Teaching on Reception of Holy Communion by Public Sinners

Cardinal Raymond Burke recently penned another missive on reception of Holy Communion by Catholics in the public square who flout Catholic teaching. No doubt this had much to do with the ongoing controversy and scandal over US President Joe Biden's vocal support of social evils, particularly abortion. However, it applies equally well to Canada's #1 public sinner, our notorious Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"Many Catholics and also non-Catholics who, while they do not embrace the Catholic faith, respect the Catholic Church for her teaching regarding faith and morals, have asked me how it is possible for Catholics to receive Holy Communion, while at the same time they publicly and obstinately promote programs, policies and legislation in direct violation of the moral law. In particular, they ask how Catholic politicians and civil officials who publicly and obstinately defend and promote the practice of abortion on demand can approach to receive Holy Communion."

Allow Cardinal Burke to take you through the full summary of Catholic teaching on this subject, particularly as it relates to Canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law. And then be amazed at how so many Catholic Bishops and priests can be ambivalent in this regard.

"It is the duty of priests and Bishops to instruct and admonish the faithful who are in the condition described by can. 915, lest they approach to receive Holy Communion and thus commit a most grave sacrilege, redounding to their own eternal harm and, likewise, leading others into error and even sin in such a serious matter. If a person has been admonished and still perseveres in grave public sin, he or she may not be admitted to receive Holy Communion."

Thank you, Your Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke!

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