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A Catholic Parish in Oshawa That Offers The Traditional Latin Mass?

Not quite. But the Church of the Good Shepherd offers a comparable liturgy in English, with all the features (and more!) of the Traditional Latin Mass (known by many as the TLM). What exactly is the relationship of the Traditional Latin Mass to the Divine Worship liturgy of the Ordinariate parish? The answer might be found, in part, here:

"The Ordinariate will remain focused on bringing Christians in the Anglican tradition into full communion with the Catholic Church. We also are pleased that the Church has provided for the continuing use of the Extraordinary Form, particularly as a pastoral response to traditional Catholics, and regard all of this as a well-ordered symphony of praise to the Blessed Trinity."

Why not simply attend our next Sunday Mass at Church of the Good Shepherd and discover for yourself a rich, reverent and traditional liturgy that facilitates true worship of God?

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